3 Great Reasons to Get Wall-Mounted Arcade Cabinets

Most people think that retro arcade gaming machines have been replaced by digital gaming, but that is not entirely true. Arcade game machines are still in high demand among enthusiasts, especially those who want to relive their childhood days.

But while a retro game system looks impressive, it can get pricey and take up too much space. That is why wall-mounted arcade cabinets are inventedthey are both cost-effective and space-saving!

Aside from those qualities, a wall-mounted arcade cabinet is an excellent investment for your business or your home’s game room. Here are three top reasons why.


1. Just as Fun as the Traditional Machine, but Not as Bulky

Traditional arcade cabinets are undeniably huge. They are heavy and take up too much floor space, so it is not really that ideal for in-house gaming. But you do not need to worry about all of that when you have a wall-mounted retro arcade cabinet. These machines take up not even half of how much the traditional cabinets do.

These wall-mounted retro arcade cabinets do not have the chunky CTR monitors that make the traditional machines bulky—instead, they have flat screens and microdata chips. 

Aside from being updated with 21st-century technology, these new machines allow game rooms, restaurants, cafes, and bars to boast an arcade machine without sacrificing sizable floor space.


2. Easy to Position and Saves a Lot of Space

It is undeniable that it is difficult to position the traditional arcade cabinets, especially if you do not have ample space. You might end up tucking them away in a dark, unused corner just because you do not want to sacrifice too much floor space.

However, with wall-mounted arcade cabinets, you do not need to worry about where you have to place them. You can mount them on any wall in your house or your business space. Additionally, they do not weigh much at all, usually around 25 kilograms when empty. You do not need too many people to help you assemble the machine.


3. Can Easily Attract and Retain Customers

One of the best reasons a wall-mounted arcade machine can be an asset for businesses is that they are a great selling point. These machines can attract droves of customers and occupy their attention, so they spend more time inside your store, restaurant, or bar.

The retro aesthetic is very popular with the young generation, so having these gaming cabinets can bring a lot of them to your business. Include extra drinks and snacks to accompany the gaming experience, and you are sure to have a stream of customers waiting in line. If you put up leaderboards for your games, they will be extra competitive and spend more time playing!


Final Thoughts

If you have a hospitality business, or you just love to entertain, retro arcade games are indeed worth the investment. These games bring people back to memories of their youth and give them things to bond over today. They add personality and brighten up every room, so you should definitely consider having them for some exciting entertainment!

Now, if you are excited to have custom-built arcades and arcade cabinets for your home or business, reach out to Retro Arcades! We offer a wide variety of quality arcade machines in North Queensland and for delivery all over Australia. Check out our game collection today and pick out your old favourite!

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