Fun Arcade Game Suggestions to Play With Your Kids

It’s game time weekend, and your kids are the most excited ones! From your experience, you know how thrilling it is to make playing a bonding activity just like when you were a kid yourself. Nothing beats that bonding moment when playing the classic retro games you had with your friends or family. If you want to relive the moment, pass the fun with your kids this time and introduce them to the games you had when you were little. 

As you know, it’s vital to let them play only kid-friendly games. So, here are some fun arcade games suggestions you can play for a fun experience with your kids. 

1. Try the Donkey Kong from 1981 

Let your kids feel like a hero and rescue Pauline from the giant gorilla named Donkey Kong! This arcade platform game is definitely worth it for your kids to play, especially if they are familiar with Mario and Donkey Kong. They may hate the annoying barrels the first time they try it, but this will only make the experience more exciting because they will be eager to overcome the barrel obstacles.

2. Add Pac-Man from 1980 to Your List

Pac-Man may seem like a weird game, but it will definitely give you that urge and excitement to run as fast as you could, especially if the enemy is chasing to eat you. This game will satisfy your kids, especially when they finish all the fruits equivalent to points. Just wandering through the maze with the sound on will already make them feel thrilled. 

3. Be Sporty with NBA Jam,1993

If you’re going for a fast, action-packed and exaggerated gameplay realism, NBA Jam in 1993 is your perfect game to play. Your two-on-two basketball mode will unleash your kid’s competitive side, and winning will ultimately give him that pride. 

4. Don’t Miss the Galaga from 1981

Play the classic Galaga from 1981 if your child is a fan of Space Invaders. This game will let them control the starship to shoot the Galaga forces while avoiding enemies and projectiles. It’s intense, even if you only have to move your ship left and right at the bottom of the screen.

5. Enhance Strategy Skills with Frogger, 1981

Frogger from 1981 is one of the all-time classic video arcade games because it’s easy to play, but difficult to master. This game will help your kids develop their strategising skills because they have to develop ways to avoid various pitfalls in waiting for the frog on its homeward journey. It’s a fast-thinking, quick-reaction game, perfect for your kids’ creative minds. 


6. Enjoy the Battle From Street Fighter II: The World, 1991

If you want to go head-to-head with your child as a challenge, choose Street Fighter II: The World from 1991. Your kids may take time to discover each character’s special moves, but it will give you a headstart to showcase what you’ve learned from the past and shout “Hadouken!” for every hit. This friendly competition will ultimately make it more fun for a bonding experience. 

7. Team Up in Double Dragon, 1987

If you don’t want to go rivals, team up in Double Dragon from 1987 as martial artists named Billy and Jimmy Lee. It’s your moment of tandem to rescue a damsel-in-distress by beating up a small army worth of baddies. Besides, the experience is more fun and relatable if you’ve watched the live-action film adaptation and animated series of the game. 



Even with the advent of home gaming systems and advanced technology, retro arcade games are still a worthy play for “modern” children. Aside from the fact that they’re less violent than the current games we have now, they also allow the family to get together since everyone can relate to them. Remember the fun and excitement you experienced while spending hours and coins in an arcade machine? Let your kids experience that level of fun by introducing them to any of these arcade games!

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