Retro Gaming and Its Advantages Today

Gaming has always been a hobby enjoyed by many people, regardless of age. As time went by, gaming rose from its humble beginnings to impressive heights. Gone are the days of pixelated graphics, as 4K HD graphics are now the norm. 

Even the controls of video games today have become sophisticated. This is evident in the case of quick-time events (QTEs), where you are prompted to press buttons in succession to execute a command, be it a character attack or otherwise.

Despite advances in gaming, however, many people still long for the feeling of nostalgia brought by the early days of gaming. That’s why they still go to their local arcades, where retro gaming is alive and well. While video games today are almost always cutting-edge, almost all retro video games are pretty linear and simple. So, why choose arcade gaming? Read on below to find out. 


Very Affordable

Video games today are very expensive. Specific games have also become exclusive to specific gaming platforms. If you don’t have the right platform, you won’t be able to play an exclusive game at all. 

Arcade cabinets and consoles, on other hand, are generally much cheaper now, with some going as low as $200 depending on the materials used. Back then, these gaming systems would cost around $3000. While cheap today, arcade cabinets and consoles are cheaper if bought second-hand.


Accessible to Everyone

Yes, retro video games do not compare to today’s video games, but graphics weren’t a problem back in the day. Even though retro video games are made with pixels, people would always spend hours upon hours playing them. 

Arcades are also places where you’re guaranteed to find people of all ages immersing themselves in everything that an arcade has to offer, especially since you only need a few spare coins to enjoy a game.


It Brings People Together

Today’s online games allow you to connect with people despite being far away from each other. It’s a plus because you can easily interact with online game friends if you’re in need of something in-game.

The same can be said with retro gaming—it brings people together. Arcade systems were expensive, which is why most gaming places only offer one for each game. People end up falling in line for their turn, which encourages them to interact with fellow players. If their interests align—which are arcade games in this case—one can easily come home with a new friend.


Good Music

Video games today are very artistic when it comes to their soundtracks. From free-roam music, fight music, and boss fight music—it can definitely add to the mood and ambiance.

While the same couldn’t be said about music found in retro video games, there’s always a good feeling whenever you hear that 8-bit music.


No Long Loading Times

Video games today sometimes take too long to load. With retro games, all you have to do is to plug it into a TV and you’re all set. In the case of arcades, all you need to have is the corresponding coin if it’s coin-operated.



While today’s video games are enjoyable and entertaining, they wouldn’t exist without the foundations first laid by retro video games. Retro gaming is important even today because it evokes strong emotions for the older generation, which enabled them to have fun during their youth. 

Retro video games can still bring value to the younger generation, despite the existence of 4K graphics. They can still experience what the older generation did, which is to have fun without the fuss.

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