5 Reasons an Arcade Machine in Your Home Is a Must

What excites you about going home? 

After long hours of working and thinking about the stress all day, there must be something that you can look forward to when going home aside from your family or loved ones. If you are an ultimate retro gamer and an arcade god back when you were a kid, it is a dream come true to enter into a home with your childhood memories of arcade games and consoles. There is no better way to do that than to have your own arcade cabinet with bright colours and pixelated monsters paired with neon lights in the game room that can bring your mind into a different arcade experience. 

Now, if you’re contemplating whether to get bored with your old ‘going-home’ habit to sleep, eat, repeat or turn your spare space into a super-hot game room where you can spend your days relaxing and enjoying with your family, we are here to tell you why you should choose the latter.  

Here are some of the reasons and benefits to convince you why having an arcade machine in your home is a good choice of purchase and adventure!


It Is Affordably Fun.

When we say it’s affordable, you get unlimited time to play all day long for as long as you don’t run out of coins. What’s more is that if your machine is coin-operated, you can save up a lot by playing since you can harvest your coins anytime you want. While having fun, you’re saving coins, so it’s a win-win to have a retro-arcade console in the comfort of your home.


It Builds Interpersonal Relationships Within the Family

Although some Street Fighter can elevate the tension between your opponent, it’s one way to spend time together with minimal effort. It increases your interpersonal relationship within the family rather than sitting on the couch watching TV and talking about nothing. Pizza nights while having fun with the arcade games are a whole different bonding experience for everyone.  


It Reduces Your Stress and Depression.

One of your buying factors should be this. It’s time to reward yourself and give yourself a break from working hard. When work gets tough, enter your game room and find that energy to reconnect with yourself by venting it out on your video or arcade game. In fact, studies say that video games can increase your mental and emotional resilience, creativity, determination, and focus. 


A Conversation Piece for Visitors 

Yes! It can be a hit for visiting kids and grown-ups making your home the perfect place to host parties. Staying in will be the new going out because there will never be a dull moment for visitors who will enter your home. It is perfect for entertaining or for an escape to kid duties, leaving the rest of the adults in relative peace. 


You Can Build Your Own Programming Project.

You need another project that can take away your mind from all the stress and burnout. If you prefer a DIY arcade machine and have experience with programming, you can put together your cabinet, screen, and computer to create miniature versions. You can even customise your cabinet’s design the way you like it to give you complete control over the looks of your console. 


Retro Arcades Is Here to Help

If you are finally convinced and ready to set up your dream arcade cabinet, Retro Arcades can provide you with classic retro arcade machines and arcade games for sale that you can enjoy for hours. 

Based in North Queensland, our company supplies a wide range of arcade game machines for sale ranging from handheld, tablet arcade setups, NUC, classic raspberry pi configured retro arcades, and Nvidia shield setup with a 2TB HDD. Our ultimate retro gaming experience service can help you bring back your memories and make your dream arcade setup possible. 

Get in touch with us to see how we can help!

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