3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have Retro Arcade Games

Running a business means finding new ways to monopolise on trends and fun experiences that reflect your target customers’ interests. One of them worth considering is retro gaming of vintage video gaming, like the kind you would see in the arcade. At first, you may think these old units are a thing of the past, but if you look deeper into their value, you may be surprised at what they can bring to your commercial premises. To have a better grasp of this, consider the following reasons: 

1. Increases dwelling time and profits 

Once you have a customer come into your shop to see what you have to offer, you want to keep them inside, but without having to force them. You want them to feel welcome and get them to browse your products and services until they decide to purchase them. However, they may feel bored if you don’t add value to their shopping experience. Thus, you may want to make your business establishment more enticing by providing entertainment. 

Adding retro game machines and other consoles to your premises lets interested patrons stay, increasing their dwelling time at your business. It means they will be compelled to buy something, especially if it enhances their gaming session. 

For instance, if you are a family restaurant, you can have a mini arcade corner. Eventually, you will attract families, young adults with interests in nostalgic things, and more. In the end, you gain profits and can even see customers come back for more! 

2. Adds to the interior design and atmosphere of your business

Have you ever taken a step back to marvel at the designs, vibrant colours, and intrigue of arcade game machines? Your customers may also think the same way, especially if you incorporate it into your business’s branding. 

For example, you can have neon light fixtures, comic-style murals, and a popcorn machine for added fun. You just need to be creative, have a frame of reference by viewing online interior designs, and seek out the informed opinions of your business staff. This way, you can easily put off the decade-appropriate look and feel while boosting your business’s customer satisfaction. 

3. Enables your customers to stay preoccupied during waiting time

When you offer certain products and services, you and your staff may need a few minutes before you can offer them. It means your customers have to wait, leaving them to feel bored. In effect, they may become more impatient and irritable if they don’t have anything to do. 

While having free store WiFi can be one way to keep their minds off the long wait, it is not memorable and doesn’t reflect your branding. Thus, you can have a retro gaming setup ready to ensure your customer can have fun while waiting for their order or turn. Through this, your business can also stand out and offer a more meaningful experience for your customers. 



Video games may have come a long way from what they were before, but your business can definitely take advantage of nostalgia with retro video games. With the right setup, you can easily turn a boring commercial establishment into a homage to the good old days. Take note of the formerly mentioned reasons and think about the types of gaming consoles and equipment you should have ready! 

Retro Arcades can provide you with arcade games for sale through our classic machines in New South Wales. We can supply you with plenty of old school games for your entertainment, allowing you to entice different individuals from various generations with the charm and intrigue of old video game consoles. Purchase them today to put a smile on your customers’ faces!

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